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CS-868 Shotcrete Machine

CS-868 Shotcrete Machine CS-868 Shotcrete Machine

PUMPRO CS-868 Shotcrete Machine


It takes a tough Shotcrete Machine to handle a tough job

PUMPRO CS-868 Shotcrete Machine offer highly reliable performance even in the harshest environment. Combination of High pressure, high flow rate and rugged design make PUMPRO CS-868 Shotcrete Machine ideal for handling the tough job. PUMPRO CS-868 Shotcrete Machine is the answer for your cement motar applications.


Feature and Benefits

· it's a versatile construction machine for interior grouting, gunite operation, formwork grouting rapidly and slop stabilization.

· Powerful output, rugged design.

· it's a motor-driven, low breakdown, no fuel consumption, and the parts are easy to get, make your job complete quickly. 



· Construction

· Mining

· Gunite

· Shotcrete

· Tunnel

· Ditches

· Building

· Slope Stabilization

· Formwork Grouting


PUMPRO CS-868 Shotcrete Machine


Technical Data




Extrusive(Hose 38Ø 63Ø 1250mm)

Max Fluid Pressure

40 bar (560Psi)

Max Flow Rate


Conveying distance

Horizontal : 120 m,  Vertical : 30 m


3HP 3 Phase 220V


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