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CY-0670 Heavy Duty Fixed Ratio Plural Component Featured

 COSMOSTAR CY-0670 10" Plural Component Proportioning Pump


Excel with Cosmostar’s Heavy Duty Fixed Ratio Plural-Component Proportioning Pump!

The COSMOSTAR CY-0670 Plural-Component Sprayer is designed for spraying high viscosity fluid, high solid content material coating. The gravity feed, flush pump and fluid heater can be implemented to achieve variety functionality equipment to face the hardest environment and any coating application. High volume mechanical proportioner that replaces the manual pre-mixing of plural component materials and reduces the cost of wasted paint and labor.


Plural Component-2


Features and Benefits

· High resistance and durability

· Two- and three-lower designs achieve a wide variety of mix ratios

· Three-lower design provides mix ratios above 1:1 for balanced pumping

· Provides accurately mixed and proportioned material on demand

· Reduces material and solvent waste


Typical Applications

· Plural component materials

· Protective coatings

· Farm and construction equipment

· Truck and bus

· General metal fabrication

· Foam and elastomeric


Applicable Coatings

· Foam and elastomeric

· Applicable Coatings

· Epoxies

· Polyurethanes

· Waterborne

· Acid-catalyzed wood finishing materials

· Stains, lacquers and varnishes

· Sealants and adhesives


COSMOSTAR CY-0670 10" Plural Component Proportioning Pump Application


Technical Data

Air motor diameter

10 in (HULK)

Pressure ratio


Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

7250 PSI (500 Bar)

Maximum Air Input Pressure

96 PSI (6.6 Bar)

Maximum volume flow rates

8.5 LPM

Air inlet size

3/4 npt(f)

Fluid inlet size

3/4 npt (f)

Maximum Operating Temperature

82°C (180°F)


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