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MegaTech : Home » Products » Spray Equipment » Plural Component Sprayer » CY-0620 Adjustable Ratio Plural Component Sprayer with Compact Heating System
Thursday, 02 December 2010 04:05
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CY-0620 Adjustable Ratio Plural Component Sprayer with Compact Heating System Featured

CY-0620 Plural-Component Sprayer CY-0620 Plural-Component Sprayer

The CosmoStar CY-0620 Plural-Component Sprayer


The CosmoStar designed for spraying high viscosity fluid, high solid content material coating. The gravity feed, flush pump and fluid heater can be implemented to achieve variety functionality equipment to face the hardest environment and any coating application.


Compact Equipment for high performance coatings

It is a high powered, adjustable-ratio and compact heating system specifically designed for applying a wide variety of plural component materials.


Solvent Flush Pump

Mounting with CosmoStar 4” Enco high pressure flush pump, it can provide enough pressure force to push materials out of manifold and mix hose quickly.


PID temperature controller

Reliable PID feedback temperature control system can achieve the best accuracy and the fast heating at the same time.  Increase your productivity and reduce material waste.


Heated Tank

It provides features that can maintain fluid target temperature before pumping and spaying.  It can reduce fluid viscosity so it sprayed at lower pressure and increase productivity.


Heated Hose

It provides high stability fluid temperature control to reach any of material requirement.


Simple to adjust ratio

Adjustable design can change the ratio by simple ratio-adjust process. With precision data to help to adjust mixing ratio fast and easily.


Easy removable Cover

Removable stainless steel covers provide durable and dependable structure, and with fast removable screw can easy remove all screws without any tools.


Heavy duty Mixing Gun

Durable and dependable design provides to use in any kind of environment and ensure a quality mixing ratio for fast curing materials to be either injected or sprayed.



Typical Application

Plural component materials

Protective coatings

Farm and construction equipment

Truck and bus

General metal fabrication

Foam and elastomeric

Marine and shipbuilding



Technical Data


Variable Ratio

Range of Mix Ratio

15to 1

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

3300 PSI (220 Bar)

Maximum Air Input Pressure

102 PSI (7Bar)

Air Motor Diameter

Compact 6"

Air Inlet Size

3/8 npt(f)

Fluid Inlet size

3/4 npt(f)

Fluid Outlet size

3/8 npt(f)


82 C (180 F)



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