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Displaying items by tag: Air Operated

CY-1315 7:1

Saturday, 19 November 2011 00:31

COSMOSTAR CY-1315 7:1 COMPACT Air Operated Transfer Pump


Ideal for materials with poor flow characteristics!!

COSMOSTAR CY-1315 transfer pumps concentrate on handling high viscous materials. Also equipped with 6 inches COMPACT transfer pumps that generate up to 7:1 output pressure ratio, CY-1315 transfer pumps guarantee a smooth handling of high viscous materials with adequate flow-rate (up to 10 liters/minute).


Features and Benefits

  • Reliable medium pressure supply
  • Pressure output capacity of 1200 PSI (80 Bar)
  • 2-ball provides pump operation for uniform flow


Typical Applications

  • Texture spraying
  • Adhesive supply
  • Cleaning


Typical Fluids Handled

  • Textured materials
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Polyester
  • Water


 Technical Data:

Air motor diameter

6 in (COMPACT)

Pressure ratio


Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

840 PSI (58 Bar)

Maximum Air Input Pressure

120 PSI ( 8.3 Bar)

Maximum volume flow rates

18 LPM

Maximum Recommended Pump  Speed

66 cycles per min

Air inlet size

3/8 npt(f)

Fluid inlet size

1-1/2 npt(f)

Fluid outlet size

1 npt(f)


1.54 m (length)

Feed Factory dye the fodder in Jakarta, Indonesia. Transfer Pump Testing