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MegaTech : Home » Products » Pump Series » Submersible Pump » EAF Submersible Sewage/Waste Water Pump
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 07:22
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EAF Submersible Sewage/Waste Water Pump Featured



It takes a tough submersible to handle a tough job

Submersible Pump-1


· Equiped with weatherproof and water proof cable .Wiring and core wire are impregnated with EPOXY .Not only avoid the moist going in to the motor ,but also leakage- proof and moisture proof.

· All series motor are equipped with dry motor or 3- phase and 2 poles or 4 poles, coil of class F Isolation. It is the character of over- heat resistance and perfect isolation. Enclosure IP68 grade of protection.

· The material silicon carbide has the character if mud- resistant and excellent lubrication system and its good long time running. The dual enclose structure has a diaphragm; and its preventing    strongly from leaking.

· Pump is equipped by the motor overload protector and will shut itself off automatically to prevent from over heating whenever its voltage drop, impeller plugged, the draining line is below the pump’s water mark and other unusual condition.

· Pump is coated with thick EPOXY. It is better corrosion-resisting than common paint; prevent the surface upon from rusting.

· Pump is equipped with the motor overload protector and will shut itself off automatically to prevent overheating whenever its voltage drop. Impeller plugged; the draining line is below the pump water mark and other unusual conditions.

· There are 3 kinds of impellers as the pictures. You can select close semi- open close and non- clogging. Suitable model will help you to do with properly all kind drainage of waste water or sewage.



· Building waste water treatment system, sewage system plant, community market sanitary sewer.

· Drainage waste water from paper industry, dyeing industry food stuff industry, leather industry and iron and steel industry.

· Fishery, animal husbandry, dairy farm piggery fecal sewage tank and industry water supply. Other sewage or sump  treatment system.


Operating Conditions:

· Ambient temperature +0~ +40C

· Liquid temperature: 0+~40C

· Max Depth: 30m.

· Forbid 24 hours continue running or running pumps under lowest running water level.

· Solid Passage 35~80MM.



Power (output) 2HP(60HZ);2HP~7.5HP(50HZ).
Motor protection         IP68
Insulation F
Pole 2P,4P only( 60 HZ)
Voltage Single Phase 200~220V*60HZ, Three phase 220or380V*60HZ
Discharge 2″- 8″
Max Head 40M
Max Capacity 6950 LPM(417Ms/H)

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